• Location

    CF Hospital is located on Station Road in downtown Mwanza, making it a convenient choice for all your healthcare needs.

  • Beds for Loved Ones

    CF Hospital has a clean bed for your loved ones if they need to stay the night.

  • Clean Quality Facilities

    CF Hospital has clean quality facilities for all your outpatient needs.

  • Modern Medical Equipment and Facilities

    CF Hospital has modern medical equipment and facilities that allow us to provide quality care and treatment every day.

  • Clean Beds and Quality Treatment

    CF Hospital has a clean bed for you for receiving quality treatment and care be it before or after surgery.

  • Trusted Birthing Facilities and Staff

    CF Hospital is a clean and trusted place to give birth under the watchful eye of our quality staff.

  • Experienced Surgical Staff

    CF Hospital’s operating room is equipped for our experienced surgical staff to do both major and minor surgeries.

  • Independently Powered Generator

    CF Hospital has a diesel-powered generator that ensures quality healthcare regardless of power grid status.

  • 24/7 Direct Call Button

    CF Hospital is the only hospital in Mwanza where every inpatient bed is equipped with a direct call button to the nursing station 24/7.

  • Onsite Laboratory

    CF Hospital’s onsite laboratory provides our doctors and nurses with quality and time-efficient diagnostics to facilitate quality care and treatment.

  • Pharmacy One-Stop Shop

    CF Hospital’s pharmacy carries all drugs needed for treatment, making us a one-stop shop for you healthcare needs.

  • Outstanding Hospital Organization and Administration

    CF Hospital excels in hospital organization and administration, so we can provide the best care and treatment for our patients.